What are your core competencies?

As a globally capable OEM and ODM cosmetic manufacturer we are always looking to develop world leaders in beauty innovation. Whether it be technical insights or focus on skills, materials, or new technologies. Our in-house scientists stand as some of our greatest assets in helping you achieve your goals.

Are the products developed and produced in China?


Is Supply Chain Your Competitive Advantage?

Our suppliers are world-renowned and pull from the best sources in the world. With direct connections, we ensure the materials we use are top-notch perfect for your products. With our passionate focus on innovation in our formulas, we ensure that whatever we do, not only follows the latest trends but matches the highest standards and needs of our partners worldwide.

Is it possible to manufacture a product equivalent to the hot sales in the market?

Yes. Almost all products out there can be reverse-engineered. Based on our company value, we encourage customers to create their authentic products; it can be by adding different key active ingredients or changing scent on the formula. We understand that hit product sells, so we take in benchmarks, but we also value and respect other brand’s intellectual and cosmetic properties.  

How long does it take to have samples formulated?

Normally it takes 5-7days.

What’s the process for developing new products?

New partners must complete a New Product Development Form, which our formulation chemists will then review and provide feedback on. This process takes 3-5 working days.

Who owns the formulation?

PUREGLOWLUX owns the IP for every formulation we develop; however, unlike many other manufacturers, we offer our brand partners the option to purchase this, as we understand its importance to them.

What are your specialties?

We are a premier full-scale contract manufacturer of beauty and personal care products. We offer a full range of manufacturing services including mouthwash and body lotion artwork design, goods packaging, shipping.

Are you GMP certified?

Yes, All bulk Formulations is NPA and NSF GMP certified, and all of our production facilities meets or exceeds US FDA criteria. We are also an FDA licensed manufacturer. Please email us if you prefer to get a copy of our certificate and license.

What are your R&D capabilities?

Our strong R&D staff can assist you with raw material sourcing, product formulation, answering your technical questions, offering a professional opinion, running pilot and test batches, and creating products that meet or exceed your targeted criteria.

Can you fill sachets?


What are your lead-times?

Lead-times are subject to material supply and production load. In general, we would suggest 6-7 weeks of lead-time on the first batch run (new products) and 2-3 weeks for reorders.

Can we supply our own materials?

Yes. But each material needs to be tested for conformity to its Certificate of Analysis before it can be approved for use in our formulations.

Do you sell /distribute your own products?

No. We are a contract manufacturer, not a distributor or a retailer. We provide customized, proprietary formulations designed specifically for you, the private label customers.

What products do you manufacture?

(1) PERSONAL CARE PRODUCTS: Shampoo,Body Lotion,Hair Conditioner,Facial Cleanser,Face Cream,Facial Mask,Face Serum,Shaving Cream,Deodorant,Floss pick. (2) ORAL CARE PRODUCTS: Mouthwash,Mouth Spray,Toothpaste tablets. (3) HOUSEHOLD CLEAN: Dish Washing,Laundry detergent. (4) KIDS SKIN CARE: 2 in 1 Hair and Body Shampoo,Face Cream. (5) TEETH WHITENING: Teeth Whitening Gel,Teeth Whitening Powder,Teeth Whitening Strips.

Does your products effective and safe?

We choose safe materials and reach 99% of national standards for cosmetics. We obtain clinical data during the R&D stage to confirm that the product is effective.

What's your quality control standard?

Standard consist of: (1) Formula: This gives precise statement of different ingredients which comprise the product. (2) Operating Standards: This gives detail of manufacturing procedures, storage, filling and packaging. (3) Raw material Specification: Giving all details of characteristics and limits of deviations permissible. (4) Packaging material standards: It covers all components which go around the product shape, size, colour and other aesthetics and acceptance criteria and limits. (5) Finished product standard: It covers all characteristics essential for proper performance, durability and safety of product . (6) Testing methods This covers tests procedures of all components. Quality control could be basically divided into: 1. Raw material and packaging material quality control 2. Finished product quality control. 3. Microbiological quality control 4. Production line quality control.

Do I need to supply MSDS/SDS with my finished cosmetic product?

No. Finished cosmetic products are exempt from the legislation requiring the provision of a 16-point Safety Data Sheet (SDS), sometimes referred to as Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS). However, it must be recognised that there are legal requirements under Health and Safety legislation to provide a certain amount of information for some products regarding transport and safe handling.

Do finished cosmetic products need to be checked for safety in a laboratory before being sold?

There is no requirement to test finished cosmetic products for safety in a laboratory prior to placing them on the market. All products must instead undergo a safety assessment based upon data on the finished product and its ingredients. This assessment is the most appropriate way of demonstrating a product's safety. The formula usually undergoes stability, compatability and challenge testing, the results of which will used by the safety assessor in formulating the safety assessment. However, microbiological testing forms part of the continual quality assurance system and is required to confirm whether the product meets the required specification prior to its release to the consumer. This testing can be conducted within a company if the appropriately qualified persons are employed but is often outsourced to microbiological testing houses. 

Do you guarantee product quality?

Providing the highest quality product is our utmost concern and it's also part of our mission statement. This concept starts from the receipt of raw materials through the transformation of the ingredients to finished products ready for shipping. All these steps are performed with strict adherence to and compliance with GMP's requirements. We state the "truth in labeling" and provide the best quality of products for our customers!

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