Hair Conditioner

ODM hair care products repair long-lasting daily hair conditioner.


Product name: Hair Shampoo/Conditioner
Effect: Smoothing Repairing Moisturizing Nourishing
Specifications: 500ml

Designed for damaged hair daily care, rich in collagen protein, can deep hair inner layer, from the inside to nourish hair, can provide more nutrition for damaged hair , improve hair quality, while the formation of collagen protein on the surface of the protective film, to prevent hair bifurcation and fracture, makes hair smooth and full of flexibility, renewal of healthy luster.


For external use only. Avoid contact with eyes.Keep out of reach of children. 


(1) Repairing a long-lasting daily conditioner, shiny and supple, fruits rich in antioxidants.

(2) Revitalize hair, luxurious hair care products.

(3) Pro-tech daily hair conditioner posttreatment.

(4) Improve dryness and irritability, keep your hair clean and healthy.

(5) Deeply moisturize and nourish hair.

(6) Skin care grade water treatment.

(7) Replenish hair moisture.

How to Use?

After washing hair , divided hair into pieces ,each pieces of hair smear evenly treatment ,pulling the hair pieces until the hair bright and soft ,stay 5-10 minute ,wash out the treatment ,blow it to dry then ok.